The Buzz Club: Terry and Gerry 1986

Terry and Gerry The Buzz Club 16th February 1986

There was a healthy rockabilly / psychobilly scene around us in Surrey. Lots of colourful quiffs, bleached jeans and sleeveless tee shirts. Bands like The Meteors and King Kurt were very popular. Not really our thing, there was however also a more indie side, that produced bands like Terry and Gerry.

It was freezing in early 1986. I got a call at Our Price in Woking on the day of our Terry and Gerry gig to say that there was too much snow on the roof of The West End Centre and they couldn’t open the venue that night. By luck a larger venue, also in Aldershot; The Princess Hall, was free and we were able to hold the gig there. This turned out to be very lucky as more people than we could have fitted into The W.E.C. turned up. We were happily able to accommodate them all at The Princess Hall. It was the first time we made money! I can’t remember how much, maybe £100. Support came in the shape of Guildford buskers Inspector Tuppence and the Sexy Firemen.

I don’t have any fliers for this gig, but again thanks to Dave Driscoll here’s Terry and Gerry singing ‘C.A.R.S.’ recorded live at The Buzz Club on 16th February 1986.


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