The Buzz Club: The Pale Fountains September 1986

One of the good things about putting bands on, is sometimes you can put a band on for your friends as much as for yourself. Not to make money, (although making a little was always a good feeling!) but just because you know they’ll really enjoy it. Such was the case with The Pale Fountains. I’ve mentioned before my band Bluetrain. Our drummer Kevin Moorey introduced Danny and myself to The Pale Fountains, and so we booked them and got Bluetrain to support. It took a while to organise as I recall. I got main man Michael Head‘s home ‘phone  number (I don’t remember how) and used to call him quite frequently until he agreed to play! I remember he said he was thinking of changing the band’s name, or words to that effect, so I’m guessing it was one of the last, if not the last, Pale Fountains gig. The wiki page for Michael Head’s next band, Shack, says they formed in 1986. This gig was in September of that year.


Anyway. I loved the two Albums by The Pale Fountains; ‘Pacific Street‘ and ‘From Across The Kitchen Table‘.


I recorded ‘Pacific Street’ onto a TDK C90 tape with New OrderLow-Life‘ on the other side. In the summer of 1986 me and my friends used to sunbathe on the roof of my parent’s house or down at the lakes in The Hatches in Frimley Green. I’d take my Sanyo tape  player with either compilations I’d made or that one with The Pale Fountains and New Order on, sun bathe, mess around and feel just great.


Here’s ‘Jean’s Not Happening’ from their second album, ‘From Across The Kitchen Table’

I started to collate what Buzz Club fliers, posters and photos I had in about 2008. Scanning away and putting word out to see if anyone had anything from those days for me to add to my collection. I was annoyed to have no evidence of this Pale Fountains gig, as it was a particularly special one.

Looking through some old photos recently though, to my delight I spotted over my shoulder…..a poster!

michael 2.jpegLook also at the tickets and posters on the walls. Lots of Lloyd Cole, a couple of R.E.M..

And here’s Danny I guess taken at the same (‘Let’s take photos of each other!’) I can spot several tickets for The Jam, The Undertones. I think that’s flier for the series of gigs at The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith where I first saw label mates The Mighty Lemon Drops. James Dean – ha! A flier for (my band) Go! Service supporting The Housemartins! All these fliers and tickets are long gone now of course. Makes these photos even better….

michael 3And finally from this awesome photoshoot (‘Let’s take a photo of my guitar and the Bluetrain 12″!), single posters for The Smiths (working in Our Price Records you could get wonderful things like this. I actually remember a customer picking up a flier from the counter of Our Price in Aldershot for this Pale Fountains gig, turning to his friend to say ‘They’re getting some really good gigs at the West End Centre these days’. I didn’t say anything but felt chuffed!), more gig posters Go! Service and the tour we did with The T.V. Personalities. Boxes of 7″S and 12″s. Those were the days!

michaelsAnyway, please forgive me. I’ve strayed a bit from the original subject. Not much about that Pale Fountains gig, so here are some cool photos, sadly not from The Buzz Club, but of that cooler than cool Liverpool band, The Pale Fountains….



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