Photographs Of Dr Calum Bartlett: 1970 – Mingulay, The Outer Hebrides.

I previously posted the photographs my father took of Barra in 1969 and from this holiday in 1970, I thought these fabulous photos of Mingulay deserved their own chapter though.

Mingulay is a small island 12 miles south of Barra. There was a boat trip from Castlebay on Barra to go and visit the island. Mingulay is famed for its cliffs, sea birds and uninhabited houses. The last islanders left Mingulay in 1912.

My brother Michael recalls,

‘Trips to Mingulay were always wonderful. This is the Sgoilear Bàn’s gun bought from him by Dad. The Sgoilear Bàn was the last teacher on Mingulay. His name means Fair Haired Teacher.’


So here are the 1970 Mingulay photos, taken by my father.

img 290 Mingulay, Sept 1970

img 321 Sept 1970

My brother Michael

img 288 Mingulay, Sept 1970img 289 Cliffs of Mingulay, Sept 1970img 293 Mingulay, Sept 1970img 297 Mingulay Sept 1970img 298 Mingulay Sept 1970

Dad and my brother Calum-Iain.

img 299 Cliffs, 700ft Mingulay Sept 1970

img 301 Mingulay Sept 1970img 303 Sept 1970img 306 Mingulay Sept 1970img 314 Mingulay Sept 1970

The last inhabitants left the island in 1912.

img 294 Mingulay Sept 1970img 296 Mingulay Sept 1970img 308 Sept 1970img 310 Mingulay Sept 1970

The wood panelled room was the church and the mark on the back was where the altar was, the priest lived downstairs I believe.

img 311 Mingulay Sept 1970

Michael, Calum-Iain and my sister Catriona.

img 313 Mingulay Sept 1970img 307 Mingulay Sept 1970



  1. Lovely photos. The church is in a good state. Very different from when my family and I visited Mingulay on a similar trip from Barra in 2014. It is an amazing place, so beautiful.

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  2. Stumbled across these recently and love them Jo. Brings back memories of your wonderful parents and the beautiful Barra when we invited to stay there by your father. I hope you are all really well it seems an age since the annual ceilidhs! Your parents are greatly missed.


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