‘Demoed’ Christine X

Having recently enjoyed plays for ‘Camden’ on BBC 6 Music and by legendary d.j. Andrew Weatherall, ‘Demoed’ is the 4th part of the alphabet series by my alter-ego, Christine x and it completes the ‘A2D’ E.P.’

demoed sleeve

It is the first Christine X track to include other musicians. Richard Handyside on electric guitar and Howard Monk on drums.  Christine / I played the acoustic guitar, bass guitar and synths.

You can play or purchase the whole e.p. on my newly started Bandcamp page.



Christine X on Spotify

‘Aldershot’ – ft. live Buzz Club recordings of Shaun Ryder, Bobby Gillespie and James Dean Bradfield.

‘Bluetrain’ featuring cassette recordings of Dreamworld band, Bluetrain rehearsing in California, 1988.

‘Camden’ featuring a radio interview between Jo Bartlett and Gideon Coe on G.L.R.. in 2000.


‘Demoed’ featuring voices from a VHS video recording from a London pub in 1990.

All put in Logic with guitars, synths and beats added in 2017 and 2018.

Soon to be released – Hardway Bros remix of ‘Camden’…..more news soon.


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