‘Camden’ Hardway Bros Remix

I’m very excited about this. Sean Johnson, AKA the Hardway Bros has done a brilliant remix of the Christine X track, ‘Camden‘ for me.

It’s released via IndieThroughTheLookingGlassRecords on the 12 April, but I thought I’d share the beautiful video, Jason Applin has made for the track with you today. It’s cold and wet outside and I fancied a little club warmth this evening!

Sean Johnson says,

‘I’ve known Jo for some time. She was instrumental in securing my first London DJ’ing gig. (At the Rock Garden, between and after bands which largely funded early Acid House adventures). At the time we both operated between the margins of the indie and dance scenes and our paths crossed often, on both sides of the nightlife divide. Later, in the early days of ALFOS, Jo invited us to play at The Green Man Festival that she had founded with her partner Danny. I’ve always been a fan of her music, (It’s Jo and Danny and The Yellow Moon Band being particular favorites). I had tried to remix her work in the past but hadn’t managed to deliver a worthwhile mix, so was very excited when she sent me the latest Christine X material. Despite her original version of ’Camden’ clocking in at a very pacey 140 bpm and the confusing nature of her folky DADGAD tunings, I think I have delivered something which maintains the spirit of the original but satisfies the needs of the dancefloor.’

Thanks Sean! X






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