Christine X ‘E 2 H’ e.p.

The latest instalment of the alphabet series by my musical alter-ego, Christine X is released today.

I have previously released ‘Aldershot e.p.”, today it is the turn of ‘E 2 H’.

Christine X is my more experimental side. For this particular project, I am cutting up personal cassette recordings and various other audio and then putting them into Logic to put to music.

  1. Eilean
Oct 1975 img 192

My Aunt Eileen (above with her daughter Dolina, on the Isle of Barra in 1975.One of my Dad’s 33 mm photos) sent me a cassette recording of herself singing some Gaelic songs a few years ago. I wanted to learn one to sing to my Dad as a surprise for his birthday. My father was raised on the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides and his cousin, Eileen Stewart was a regular visitor. Eileen was famed for her wonderful voice. We were treated to Aunt Eileen’s lovely renditions of Gaelic songs during many childhood ceilidhs on the island.

Older when she recorded these for me, about ten years ago, you can hear the frailty in her voice but the undeniable beauty is still there. I put her voice on twice to make it sound like she is doing a harmony with herself. It’s a short track. The video is made up of phone videos I made on Barra when we were there for a big Cousins’ Day celebration in the summer of 2019.

2. Fortress


I cut up a recording by J.D. & Bob added synths and beats. Fortress was the name of the rehearsal studio in Farringdon we rehearsed at in the late ’90s.

3. Greener

Sept 1974 img 202

I was brought up in the village of Frimley Green. Danny and I started the Green Man Festival. I recorded a bit of music, plugged in my SM58, poured myself a whisky, put my headphones on and sang.

4. Hero

The Hero in Bagshot was the first cool place we went to hang out. There was a dj on a Friday night, Andrew Weatherall was a regular before I went. Andrew was a hero of mine. I was over the moon when he played ‘Camden’ by Christine X on his radio show last year. The audio is from a video, Yellow Moon Band guitarist Rudy made of us all bowling round the West End and China Town on Danny’s birthday in the ’90s.

I recorded the music the weekend after A.W. died.

I put the video together from some footage of France in 1988 I found. It centres round Carcassonne where Andrew Weatherall ran his Convenanza Festival years later.

I hope you enjoy the ‘E 2 H’ e.p. Thanks.

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