Christine X ‘Aldershot e.p.’

I’ve changed distribution for the ITTLG label so all the music is getting re released.

This originally came out as four individual tracks. Now packaged as the ‘Aldershot’ e.p. by Christine x.

Aldershot’ includes live Buzz Club recordings and features the voices of Shaun Ryder, James Dean Bradfield, Bobby Gillespie and the Krispy 3.

‘Bluetrain’ includes the voice of Dan Treacy live in Germany in 1984 and then voices of myself and various members of my band Bluetrain when we relocated to California in 1988.

‘Camden’ features myself being interviewed by Gideon Coe on the BBC station G.L.R. in 2000. ‘Camden’ was played by Gideon on his BBC 6 show and Andrew Weatherall on his NTS radio show last year.

Demoed’ has voices from a few of us bowling around Soho and China Town, celebrating a birthday, in the ’90s. The music features Richard Handyside on electric guitar and Howard Monk on drums. I play acoustic guitar, bass guitar and synths. This is the only track on this e.p. to feature other musicians.

The ‘E2H’ e.p. by Christine X was released last month and is also available through Spotify. There are videos to all the tracks on YouTube. I released the album ‘Eurocentric’ as Christine X in 2003. It got some great four star reviews in the electronic and d.j. music press. Again, you can hear it on Spotify and all the usual digital channels. I recorded the album at Bark in East London and Mono Valley in Wales. I play everything and it was a very enjoyable experience making it.

This Christine X project is me using cut up cassette recordings of radio interviews, rehearsals and such and putting them to music via Logic at home. Here’s the video using footage of the Manics live at the Buzz Club and other clips of the Happy Mondays and Primal Scream, not from the Buzz Club but of this era.

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