July – September

We had another line-up change – Matt Pearce was replaced by Mick Auton on drums and we started to sound and look much better. We had some photos taken by Tim Paton.

Go Service 2

(Danny Hagan, Jo Bartlett, Mike Auton and Rudy Carroll)

We went into a studio just off the King’s Road in Chelsea and recorded a couple of tracks for our single. Rudy’s brother JC produced us.

Before even seeing us play live, Dan invited us to support his band, The Television Personalities round Europe in September 1984. We are off the scale excited.

The Camberley News’ weekly pop column was written by Adrian Creek

It's Europe Ahead

Here are the tour dates – 


We travelled to Germany and met up at the house of Matthias, the guitarist from the other support band, Fenton Wells. It was a misty, fresh day. He lived in the mountains, in the town of Altena, North Rhine-Westphalia, next to the town of Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, where Thomas Zimmerman, the organiser of this and a few other wonderful tours – including the Creation Records package tour also in 1984.

Thomas Zimmerman

Kai drove us a round in his Campervan. It got sprayed with the bands names early on and ended up covered in paint. We got pulled over by the police once as it looked so odd.

sleepy me!
Rudy and Mike.

On the fourth night of the tour, we played Maxim in Stuttgart. Amazingly, in 2019 someone sent me footage from that night! I was 18 and Rudy, on guitar had turned 17 the day before. I refer to ‘the single’, but we changed our minds before releasing that song. Anyway, here’s ‘Too Much To Hide’ followed by Rudy’s song ‘ Pick Up The Beat’ – well worth hearing this young man’s voice! (By the way, I’m wearing pale jeans – not shorts!)

Here are my photos of the tour..

Europe 1
Myself, Mike and Danny
Europe 2
Rudy, Danny and Kai.
Europe1 2
Europe1 3
Europe3 1
Europe3 2
Europe4 2
Europe4 3
We stayed at a house in Liechtenstein, this is the wonderful lady who owned it and her daughter, who promoted one of the shows – Pipilotti Rist – now a famous artist.
Fenton Wells
Europe5 1
Janine who worked with Dan at his record label.
Europe5 2
Dan Treacy
Europe5 3
European tour flier 1984
Cooky's Frankfiurt pt 2
On stage European tour 1984
On stage European tour 198401
On stage European tour 198402
On stage European tour 198403
Cooky's Frankfurt
swiss paper 1984
The Forum Germany 1984
The Forum TVPs 1094

The Loft in Berlin’s flier. Such an amazing list of bands – every gig looks awesome.

The Loft Berlin 1984

Dave Newton from The Mighty Lemon Drops recently sent me these scanned images from a live recording made on this tour. It seems to be called ‘I Know Where Dan Treacy Lives’. I seem to remember it later getting released on vinyl and being called ‘Look Back In Enger’.


When we returned from Europe, I made this little booklet, which I sent round with a cassette to try and secure some gigs.

JO 1
JO 2
JO 3
JO 4