The Buzz Club: Andy White 18.10.1986

Andy White 18th October 1986 I saw Andy White perform ‘Religious Persuasion‘ on ‘Whistle Test’ in 1986 and knew he was to be our next Buzz Club booking. In fact, we mentioned it on the flier… His debut album had just come out. Andy played ‘Religious Persuasion‘ on a roof in Belfast for BBC’s ‘Whistle Test‘, ‘Melody […]

The Stone Roses Pt. 1: 1987 – 1989

So I guess it started with The Raw Herbs. They were a London based band, with a Scottish singer who released records on the very excellent Medium Cool label, based in Manchester and run by Andy Wake. My band Bluetrain had supported them in London and they had played The Buzz Club. Here’s the wonderful,  […]

The Buzz Club: The June Brides 24 May 1986 (inc. previously unseen photos)

The C-86 era was definitely upon us. The June Brides had first played The Buzz Club  the previous December and now this fledgling indie scene was gathering some momentum, with The June Brides somewhere at the centre. We happily booked them again. We very rarely had a headline band play twice – Primal Scream are another band that did. […]

Skiff Skats unearthed photos from The Buzz Club, 1986.

Skiff Skats The Buzz Club 15th March 1986 After the success of the Terry & Gerry gig, we kept the vibe of quiffs, stand up bass guitars and British hilly billy music, we booked Skiff Skats. Back at the West End Centre, we got a pretty good crowd in as I recall. Support came from […]