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ITTLG Releases

Jo Bartlett

This is me.

My new single, ‘I Waited A Year’ was released on 22 March 2023.

‘I Don’t Want To Hear Any More Music’ was released on 25th January 2023.

It got plays on BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio London & Wales, Radio X and many more which I have enjoyed hearing very much. On 11th February I was ‘Sunday Girl’ on Amy Lame‘s brilliant show on BBC 6 Music. Thanks very much to everyone who played it!

‘Excellent’ Gideon Coe BBC 6 Music

‘So talented, just can’t get enough of this track” Gary Crowley BBC Radio London

‘She’s a legend!’ John Kennedy Radio X

‘A fantastic recording artist’ Amy Lame BBC 6 Music

‘Wonderful’ Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales

‘I Don’t Want To Hear Any More Music’ on Spotify

I put the track under the silent film ‘A Trip to the Moon’ (‘Le Voyage dans la L’une’) by Georges Melies made in 1902.

‘The Cut Up’

The Cut Up‘ album was released in September 2022. This is an album made from various cassette recordings I have – live Buzz Clubs, radio interviews, rehearsals. I cut them up and put them on my laptop, I added synths, beats, guitars and vocals. You could call it a concept album, covering a certain period of my life. Featuring the voices of Shaun Ryder, Bobby Gillespie, James Dean Bradfield, Huw Stephens, Bethan Elfyn and Gideon Coe.

Andy Bell (Ride / Oasis) included the track ‘Greener‘ in his 20 tracks from 2022 for ‘Brooklyn Vegan‘ where he said ‘Jo made a super cool album this year called The Cut Up, this is my favourite track from it.’

Here is ‘Greener‘ – the video is a Super 8 film I found recently – it’s me (in the yellow jumper) running around with my siblings!

Jo Bartlett On Bandcamp

Jo Bartlett on Spotify

Hardway Bros. ‘Camden’ Remix.

Sean Johnson AKA The Hardway Bros did this great remix of ‘Camden‘ from ‘The Cut Up‘ for me. I love what he has done with it.

Sean and I go way back. It’s possible I gave him his first professional d.j. slot at the Rock Garden in 1989. He was one half of the legendary ‘A Love From Outer Space’ nights with his DJ partner Andrew Weatherall. Sean is also a prolific music producer, recording under the Hardway Bros guise to much acclaim.

In 2022 I did vocals on Sean’s ‘This Is Something‘ by the Sommerisle Six, which got to no. 1 in the Balearic Charts.

‘Camden Remix’ on Bandcamp (only available via Bandcamp)

Video by Jason Applin.

J.D. & Bob

Myself and Danny are the ‘J & D’ Rob Whittle is ‘Bob’. Also featuring Mathew Priest from Dodgy on drums and Sam on percussion. We were demoed by Island Records in their famous Fall Out Shelter studio. Read more here

For ages I thought I had lost these recordings, but my cousin Olga, in Scotland said she still had the cassette I sent her so I was able to get them mastered and released. Bob and I chose the running order. I absolutely love these recordings.

I got footage of London in the late 1990s from YouTube and put them together for the video.

J.D. & Bob on Bandcamp (only available via Bandcamp)