8. Label

I have started  a record label to accompany this blog. Old music, new music, great music and great stories.

There will be a few new releases over the coming months. Everything is available through all the usual digital channels.

Click here for the ITTLG Bandcamp page.




Latest release:

J.D. & Bob ‘Found’ out 13.09.2019


Indie Through The Looking Glass Releases in artist alphabetical order:

The first tune on ITTLG, ‘Aldershot’ was released in November 2018 and is by my own alter ego, Christine X. I am making music using cut up cassette tapes of interviews, live Buzz Club clips, rehearsals and putting them to music. I have set myself the challenge of releasing a track for each letter of the alphabet and have so far completed A to D.

Christine X

‘Bluetrain’ followed in early 2019

‘Camden’ in January 2019

and ‘Demoed’ in March 2019.

Sean Johnston AKA The Hardway Bros did a ‘Camden’ remix for me released in April 2019


Christine X on Spotify including previously released material.


Herbie Airto ‘Childsplay’

Released on 10 August 2019

I originally heard about his music through a text sent to me by mistake;
‘Herbie’s track that sounds like the Blade Runner soundtrack’.
I replied saying ‘I don’t think this was meant for me, but I’d be curious to hear it’.
The first release is this wonderful slice of electro, with a couple of e.p.s due over the coming months.

New Tennessee Waltz

The e.p. is a collection of songs recorded on cassette in 1986 by New Tennessee Waltz. Based in Fleet, Hampshire, the band were regulars at The Buzz Club in Aldershot, where they supported The June Brides and The BMX Bandits. If they weren’t on stage, they were usually in the crowd. They played semi-acoustic guitars and wore great clothes.



New Tennessee Waltz on Spotify



Sons of the Descent

‘Physics of Angels’ released 5 July 2019

Sons of the Descent are a Scottish three-piece rich in musical history. Based in Edinburgh and FifeHugh Duggie, Stephen Evans and Ian White together bring a touch of independent music royalty to the label.

Ian, from the band is great friends with my brother Tom and we always enjoy talking about music in depth whenever we see each other. Ian was previously signed to Factory Records as part of The Wendys.

I’m also delighted to say that Grant McPhee director of ‘ Big Gold Dream’ was especially commissioned by the band to produce the ‘Physics of Angels’ video.

Grant’s work ‘Big Gold Dream’, focusing on Scotland’s post-punk culture, was the winner of the Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Award a couple of years ago.


More releases by new artists and old, coming soon!