2. London and Ultimate Records

I’m slowly putting this bit together. Moving to London from Surrey, when Danny and I returned from California in December 1988.

So far I have written about






I worked at Ultimate Records, doing press, marketing and plugging. It’s a pretty big section. London / Camden in the early to mid ’90s. Trips to the N.M.E., Radio 1 and MTV. Gigs pretty much every night, often a few in one night. Press trips to Japan and Europe. Glastonbury, Reading, Phoenix.

We went regularly to The Gardening Club in Covent Garden and Full Circle in Colnbroke plus loads of other club nights. Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farly, Danny Rempling, Paul Oakenfold. Loads of brilliant nights.

I ended up working on a Top 5 album, and organising many tv appearances, including this one from 1994, Senser on The Word. I’m in the crowd somewhere!