Pretty much the first thing we did once Kevin Moorey had joined on drums, and we changed the name from Go! Service to Bluetrain, was to record a new 12″ single, again for Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld Records.

We recorded 4 tracks, with ‘Land of Gold’ and ‘Wheels Go Round’ (one of Rudy’s songs, which he sings and also plays saxophone on) on side 1. ’Parade’ (with Jon from The June Brides on trumpet) and my first instrumental, ’Because of the Dollars’, on side 2.  3/4 of our later psych/prog instrumental group, The Yellow Moon Band are gathered here – myself, Danny and Rudy.

We were lucky enough to also make a video as Dan Treacy knew a film student, Daniel Weinstein, who wanted to film a band. We filmed it in the London Docklands in 1987. The area is being knocked down all around us, to make way for the skyscrapers and Canary Wharf.

Phil King who at the time was in C-86 band, The Servants (and has since been in FeltThe Jesus and Mary Chain and Lush) recently sent me these magnificent photos taken at the video shoot by Sandy Flemming.

Here’s Phil sitting with Rudy’s Rickenbacker guitar while director Daniel Weinstein and the camera man organising a shot.

BT 11

Here’s Dan sitting with The Servants. I thought that band looked so cool, all in thier black polo necks -even when just hanging out together!

BT 18

Dan Treacy

BT 13

Dan Treacy was a real inspiration to us. We started The Buzz Club  after we had played at Dan’s club, The Room At The Top in Chalk Farm, in North London, on numerous occasions. We decided to start putting bands on ourselves in Surrey and then Hampshire. This gave us some of the knowledge we needed to start the Green Man Festival a few years down the line. Dan was a real maverick. His labels, Whaam! and then Dreamworld were both wonderful. The Mighty Lemon Drops and 1,000 Violins were label-mates and we often played gigs together. Dan’s hand-drawn fliers are now a classic example of indie d.i.y. art. At the gig below, where Bluetrain supported The Soup Dragons in Brixton, Dan had also organised films and a light show. It made the night feel more like a ‘happening’ then just a simple gig.


Dan was also the main man in the T.V. Personalities, who we had supported on tour around Europe as Go! Service. We realised that you could be in a band and also promote gigs. Dan wrote the sleeve notes to the debut It’s Jo and Danny album, ’Lank Haired Girl To Bearded Boy’ in 1999 and MGMT wrote ‘Song For Dan Treacy’ about him in 2010.

Here are some more shots of the video shoot.


BT 3

Rudy, Kevin and myself

BT 5
BT 6
BT 8

Danny being filmed.

BT 14

The crew working.

BT 27
BT 19
BT 25

The actor who played the lead and a couple of the crew.


I think this is what that area looks like now!tumblr_inline_oogjqj1i3V1r7tmcx_500

Anyway, here’s the end result, ’Land of Gold’ was released on Dreamworld Records in 1987.

The single gathered some reviews and bits of press.


bluetrain press 2
bluetrain press
bluetrain press 3

A poster designed by Nick Pyne

bluetrain single poster.jpg

Various Bluetrain photos and fliers….

Live at The West End Centre / The Buzz Club, the club Danny and I ran.


We put The Brilliant Corners on at Camberley Football Club – this is them on stage there. It was packed! We supported them and they asked me if I’d do the backing vocals on their new single, ’Brian Rix’, which I did. We recorded it at Battery Studios in London (where The Stone Roses would later record their debut album).


Here’s Danny and Kev on stage at Camberley Football Club.


We put The Brilliant Corners on a second time – this time at The West End Centre. The single I had sung on, ’Brian Rix’, had the video shown on ’The Tube’ that week and once again, this slightly larger venue, was packed – they couldn’t believe it.


Here we are in the doorway of Farnborough Abbey. This photo was later used as the cover to ’Some Greater Love: The Best of Bluetrain’ which was released on the Plastilina label in Peru in 2008.