Skiff Skats unearthed photos from The Buzz Club, 1986.

Skiff Skats The Buzz Club 15th March 1986


After the success of the Terry & Gerry gig, we kept the vibe of quiffs, stand up bass guitars and British hillbilly music, we booked Skiff Skats. Back at the West End Centre, we got a pretty good crowd in as I recall.


Support came from two local bands, The Vulgar Brothers and Catfish. Once again I have some wonderful photos, sent to me by Philip ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson in August 2018, but taken on that night in 1986 to add to this post:

SKIFF SKATS 150386 02SKIFF SKATS 150386 03SKIFF SKATS 150386 04SKIFF SKATS 150386 05SKIFF SKATS 150386 06SKIFF SKATS 150386 07SKIFF SKATS 150386 08

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