New Music: Kodiak Island ‘Tuns of Fun at Christmas’

Our label asked us to record a Christmas song so we did! There’s a whole album of Musical Bear artists singing Christmas songs, available as a free download from this Saturday. The tracks I’ve heard are brilliant!I’ll share some at the weekend. We played a great gig in Reading last week, and we play The […]

New Music: Everyone You Know ‘Our Generation’

These are gonna be massive. I’m convinced. Absolutely brilliant. Half brothers ‘from outside London’. Both of these tracks are from the ‘Cheer Up Charlie’ EP. They play tonight at Miranda, Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. If you’re going, you will have an awesome time I’m sure!  

Christine X ‘Bluetrain’ release date

So, part two of my alphabet series under the name, Christine X, has a release date. ‘Bluetrain’ will be released on December 27th. If you missed ‘A’, it is for ‘Aldershot’…. I released a solo instrumental album, ‘Eurocentric‘ under the guise Christine X fifteen years ago . The album got a couple of 4 star reviews […]

Great Performance Videos – Part 1

It’s Friday night and I’m in a good mood, so I’ve decided to start a new section – ‘Great Performance Videos‘ and this is my first post. So wonderful. The drummer! The bass player! Gerry’s voice and gently tapping foot. The half drunk glass of orange juice on the electric piano. The music. The performances! […]

New Music: LUMP ‘May I Be The Light’

Here’s the new single from LUMP – the musical collaboration between Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay (read my little interview I recently did with Mike here). Not only is this a fabulous piece of music, I notice that this wonderful video was directed and animated by Beth Jeans Houghton. She’s a talented lady. She was […]

Photographs of Dr. Calum Bartlett, Barra, The Outer Hebrides, 1976

We had a lot if fun with the boat that year. Aquaplaning and attempting to waterski. No mean feat in the icy-cold Hebridean sea. Here we are on one of the gorgeous Vatersay beaches. Just outside the bay at Earsary, near Harbour Cottage. Me and my friend, Sheila. I think that’s my brother Calum Iain […]