April – June 1987

Just as the single was released, Rudy decided to leave the band and head off around Europe busking. We had a few gigs set … More

January – March 1987

I had been getting into Blue Note and Verve jazz from the ’50s and ’60s for a while, increasing my vinyl collection via my … More

October – December 1986

My band Bluetrain had recorded our new e.p. for Dreamworld Records and now we waited for Dan Treacy to give us a release date. We rehearsed … More

1986: April – June

April 2nd – Our chance to play The Clarendon! I was very pleased with this one, although did look longingly up from … More

1986: January – March

Woking was famous for being the home of The Jam. I had sped through the station on the way to Waterloo on many occasions … More