The Buzz Club: The June Brides 1985

After two Buzz Clubs at The Agincourt in Camberley we decided to move to The West End Centre in Aldershot – smaller, friendlier and more suited to our type of music. The June Brides were one of Danny’s and my favourite bands at the time. We had the wonderful 7″singles, ‘In The Rain‘ and ‘Every Conversation‘ released on the equally wonderful Pink Records.



Our band Go! Service had previously supported them in London at Dan Treacy’s (from The T.V. Personalities) Room at the Top night, above The Enterprise in Chalk Farm.  We didn’t know it then, but this was the start of what is now called the C-86 scene. Books and articles are being written about those days, with album releases and celebration gigs organised, as it is now looked back on as the start of the British indie scene.

Dan Treacy released a 12″ by Go! Service on his Dreamworld label. (Plus Jon from The June Brides played trumpet on ‘Parade’ by a later band of mine,  Bluetrain, on the 12″ also released on Dreamworld.)


Anyway, we were very chuffed to have The June Brides play our club. Danny and myself both worked in local Our Price Record shops at the time, so we were able to stock the records by bands we liked and had coming to play, plus we were able to get our fliers displayed in all the local Our Price shops. I think it helped the indie scene in the area that we were stocking the records and putting the bands on. I remember that we went up to one of the London Our Price shops for our job interviews and seeing The June Brides album, ‘There Are Eight Million Stories‘ in the rack there knew we would be happy working for them!

This is ‘In The Rain‘ recorded by Dave Driscoll on his hand held Walkman from that night.

Here’s the whole gig:

We used to go to Guildford University on a Sunday night where they had really great free gigs in the students union. We played there as Go! Service a couple of times. A student from Manchester who was mates with The Desert Wolves handed us a demo by them. We really like it, so booked them to support The June Brides.

Not from The Buzz Club, but not long before – The June Brides from 1985. It’s slow to start hang on in there, it does play!


  1. Hey, Jo.
    I just went exploring on line looking up a few memories and found this.
    Guess what?
    I’m the student from Manchester that gave you that tape!!
    My name is Simon Peach and I actually was going to school at Farnborough Tech and used to come and try and help you guys out at the West End when you had gigs.
    Making peanut butter sandwiches for a hungry Happy Monday’s as they played is a memory.
    Hoping against hope you might have that Desert Wolves tape still.
    I have ended up in the far west of the USA and make electronic/ trance/soundtrack music.
    Your gigs were a beacon of light in a dour college world.
    Thank you. And Danny too.

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    1. Hi Simon, Sorry for slow reply – I’ve been out of WiFi, in the Outer Hebrides for a couple of weeks! How great to hear from you! That’s great you’ve ended up in California – I’d love to hear some of your music. And I love that that the Desert Wolves bass player ended up tour managing the Spice Girls! 🙂 X


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