The Buzz Club: Sidi Bou Said & Submarine 10th July 1993

On 10th July I had two of the Ultimate bands that had toured together earlier on in the year play The Buzz Club (plus as yet undecided and handwritten first on!).

A German tv station had got in touch with me at work and asked if they could film Sidi Bou Said, I figured since I was already promoting this gig it would make sense for them to come along to Aldershot. There is not much video footage of the Buzz Club, so this is pretty rare.

Submarine released ‘Jodie Foster‘ (Topp18) as a mail order only, limited edition 7″ in red vinyl 7″ on 13th July. It was backed with their cover of the Galaxie 500 song, ‘Tugboat’ with Claire from Sidi Bou Said also on vocals and guitar.

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