The Buzz Club: God Machine 27th February 1993

It was the second time The God Machine had played The Buzz Club, the first was supporting Catherine Wheel the year before, this time they were headliners. We did ok, about 100 in.

Here they are recorded at The Astoria in London for Gary Crowley‘s ‘The Beat’ at this time it was broadcast on 17th March 1993.

‘Ego’ and ‘I’ve Seen The Man’

Looking at the flyer I clearly forgot to put the date on it and had to write it on with a marker pen before heading off to the photocopy shop!

Rosa Mota were from London and released music on labels Placebo (not to be confused with the band) and 13th Hour Recordings.

Medicine had the video for ‘The Pink‘ directed by Jez from Swervedriver. All in all a heavy night, great to hear a female voice on this track.

Medicine were an American (Los-Angeles based) noise-rock band who formed in 1991. They appeared in the movie ‘The Crow‘ as themselves.

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