The Buzz Club: Catherine Wheel / Godmachine / The Werefrogs – March 1992

On the 14th March we had another Buzz Club – Catherine Wheel (who’s contract had specified they were not to be called ‘The’ Catherine Wheel), Godmachine and The Werefrogs.

Gary Crowley obviously didn’t get the same contract! 😉

Catherine Wheel featured Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden‘s cousin Rob on lead vocals and guitar. They had borrowed Iron Maiden‘s tour bus which was too big for the West End Centre car park and they had a real issue turning it round.

Godmachine were another American band who had relocated to London, they realsed records on Roger from The Falcon’s Eve Records (and later Fiction).

I invited The Werefrogs down to play as first on. All in all a terrific night. The Werefrogs stayed the night at my parents’ place in Surrey and we took them to a few old pubs in the Farnham area the next day.

‘Lazy’, the debut Ultimate Records release by The Werefrogs was ready. It was on 7″ only, in lovely green vinyl. I took it up to Radio 1 and played it to Jeff Smith who was the Evening Session‘s producer. There is one little bit where the band swear, so I chose that moment to cough while playing the record in Jeff’s office. It worked, we got played that evening but a bit naughty of me really!

I found some YouTube footage of American teenagers in the early 1990s and put ‘Lazy’ to it. Such a great track and exactly right for 1992. Americans in plaid shirts playing loud guitars.

Read more about 1992 here


  1. I’m sure I have memories of playing with Catherine Wheel somewhere and certainly God Machine (Powerhaus at Angel?). There was definitely a spike in volume and a surplus of stomp pedals at this time – a shift from grunge (for want of a better word) to, what, soundscape/dream? Great post, thanks!

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    1. Indeed – I had three distortion pedals myself at this time. One for verses, add another for the chorus and the last one added for middle bit / solo! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. What band were you in?

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      1. Lol. My band mates had these neat racks that resembled suitcases! For myself it was a collection of new and old pedals. I was particularly fond of The Rat and also a sort of cheese wedge shaped thing that I found in a charity. Yes! Layer upon layer of distortion. My band was Gorgeous Space Virus. We played weekly at all those great venues – Marquee, Powerhaus, George Robey, Underworld, Lexington/Moonlight – and with some cool bands – Huggy Bear, Lush, Saucerman, Kingmaker, Gaye Bykers…, Thin White Rope, Red Eye Express, Daisy Chainsaw, Smashing Pumpkins (on their Gish thing I guess). It was a typical story of ‘almost signed’. I seem to recall that Jon Selzer (MM) had a crush on us and NME generally mocked us! … but generally cool memories of 91-3, despite quite messy times personally.

        You’ve done really well here to have kept so many bits and pieces from those days, Jo. Well done!

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