The Last Ever Buzz Club! Dodgy / Shed 7 December 1993

Danny and I had a band called Poise who were first on – we started The Buzz Club as an excuse to support our favourite bands, and played the first one with Go! Service back in 1985. It was therefore fitting we sneaked ourselves on to the last ever line up.

Me fronting Poise

Shed 7 were looking for a label and had come down from York to play London, Ultimate had gone along to check them out and they came into the office for a meeting. They signed to Polydor but I booked them for The Buzz Club anyway.

Shed 7 at around this time, late 1993.

Andrew Winters who ran Ultimate Records (with Maurice Bacon), also managed Dodgy. They had played once before when their first single was released and agreed to come down and help us wave a fond farewell to the Buzz Club with a wonderful acoustic set. (Which included a great cover of ‘I Got The Key’ by Urban Cookie Collective.)

Dodgy in 1993
Mathew fab drummer and all round very good man.
Fran and Danny
Lots of friends came down from London for the last Buzz Club. LR Rudy, Amanda, Paul, Me, Jess and Cathy.
Jess, me and Jess’s sister Barley.
Barley and Lou, Martin in denim jacket.

And that is that. Thanks very much to everyone who has got in touch and shared memories, flyers, live recordings and videos of The Buzz Club. Anyone got any more? Please get in touch via the contact page.

Thanks Buzz Club and all who played and came along. Very happy times. X

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