Elastica Full 20 Minute Set Buzz Club 1993

I posted ‘Stutter’ from Elastica’s October 1993 Buzz Club gig a week ago. Now, to celebrate the fact, that yesterday I completed The Buzz Club series, here’s their whole set. This is believed to be the first footage of the band. It was the second time Elastica had played The Buzz Clubthe first being with Kinky Machine a few months earlier.

The filming was done by Russell Gould and sent to me by Steve Dinsdale in August 2022. Thanks very much Steve and Rupert.

Justine starts the set by saying ‘Hello Aldershot’.

Track listing

1.Spastica 2.Rock n Roll 3. Line Up Annie 4. S.O.F.T. 5. Stutter 6. See That Animal 7. Vaseline

It’s amazing that I still get sent Buzz Club artefacts, thanks so much everyone who has got in touch. If you have anything – memories, flyers, photos etc.,, please drop me a line via the contact page, I’d love to hear from you! Jo x

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