The Buzz Club Oct. 1993 Elastica inc. live video.

We rarely had cancellations at The Buzz Club, twice I think. Each time, frustratingly, we had just got the posters done. Afghan Whigs actually cancelled a few days before the gig. And so, on 2nd October 1993 the only band on the poster who played was my own band Poise. I can’t remember why Jacob’s Mouse also cancelled, but they did.

Roger from the Falcon heard we had had a problem and so put an American band, called The Loud Family our way. In desperation I booked them. I had also bumped into Justine from Elastica, she told me they had some publishers looking to sign them and could they play The Buzz Club again. I said, delightedly, ‘yes!’.

The first time I saw The Loud Family they were sound checking at my club, they were very out of step with the current scene in the UK and my heart sank a little. Elastica arrived and we watched them for a bit, I explained to Justine that The Afghan Whigs had let us down and this was the best I could do. She didn’t seem too bothered.

And until about a month ago, that would really be all I could say about 2nd October 1993. And then, I got sent a video of Elastica’s Buzz Club performance! Filmed by Russell Gould who was one of the publishers interested in signing them. Unseen for nearly thirty years – here is ‘Stutter‘. (For full 20 minute Elastica set click here.)

I went to see The Stone Roses in Paris in 1995 and once again bumped into Elastica. These photos are of us partying with them that night at our hotel.
Donna, Martin (Pusherman) and Danny.

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