Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Previously Unseen Photos 1984

Thanks once again to the wonderful Justin Thomas for these photos. Taken at the New Ocean Club in Cardiff on the 8th October 1984. I saw Lloyd live for the first time on the 13th October 1984 at Guildford University, just a few days later. I absolutely loved Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, ‘Rattlesnakes’ was released […]


I have been super busy organising the Camberley International Festival lately and have sadly neglected this blog! Sorry about that. I’m delighted to say that the C.I.F. took place last week and each event went very well indeed. I was very happy! Now I’m at that wonderful phase of looking back very fondly at all […]

Previously Unseen Photos of The Television Personalities 1984

Happy Saturday folks! This time the wonderful Mr Justin Thomas has sent me these fabulous previously unseen photos of The T.V. Personalities from 1984! Justin used to run the October Club, Upstairs at The Loughborough Arms in Brixton and this was one of the nights he promoted. The photos are basically just Dan Treacy and […]

Previously Unseen Photographs of Swell Maps and The Raincoats 1979

Just after I was treated to the wonderful pictures of The Raincoats last week, Justin Thomas got in touch again to say he’d found another batch of pics. This time featuring Swell Maps and The Raincoats. He hadn’t written the date or venue on them as he usually did but thought maybe they were from […]