Camberley International Festival – Will Whisson

I’m organising the third Camberley International Festival to take place this June. As part of the C.I.F. we had a taster gig / live stream with a couple of the artists who will be performing in the summer, at Camberley Theatre last week. Will Whisson is brilliant. A fantastic guitarist and singer. Will will be back […]

Recording with Kodiak Island.

I was in the studio yesterday with my band Kodiak Island….our next release ‘The Lemon E.P.‘ is getting closer….it will once again be released on the fab Musical BEAR label, hopefully in June. I’ll let you know as we progress. We are also sorting out a few summer festivals and gigs.

The Buzz Club: The Brilliant Corners 10th January 1987

Working in Our Price gave me a chance to listen to records by bands I had read about but never heard. ‘Growing Up Absurd’ by The Brilliant Corners was one such record. A classic piece of ’80s indie guitar music. The band were from Bristol, I got their address and I wrote to Davey the […]

Photographs of Dr. Calum Bartlett: 1969 – Barra Pt.2

I posted a batch of my Dad’s wonderful pictures from 1969 to 1971 recently, but knew I also had quite a few with no dates on them still to go through. I realised I ought to go through these and try and work out the years before continuing. So, it took a while – working […]

The Buzz Club: Andy White October 1986

We saw Andy White perform ‘Religious Persuasion‘ on ‘Whistle Test’ in 1986 and knew he was to be our next Buzz Club booking. In fact, we mentioned it on the flier… Recorded in a field in County Antrim, Andy played ‘Religious Persuasion‘ on a roof in Belfast for BBC’s ‘Whistle Test‘, the ‘Melody Maker‘ headline read “Yer […]

Cassettes and synths.

I have a new audio project I’m working on. It involves cassette tapes, a laptop, a synth, a microphone, a guitar, and Logic. So far it has produced this….