Another selection of Justin Thomas‘s wonderful work.

Kings of the Dark Moon: Duran Duran 1981/83′ is released today on the fabulous Hanging Around Books

The book features rare and previously unseen photographs of the Duran Duran taken as they rose to international stardom during 1981-1983.

Justin has once again let me use a number of these photos for IndieThroughTheLookingGlass.

As Justin writes:

“My first meeting with Duran Duran was on assignment in 1981 at The Rumrunner Club in Birmingham for the fondly remembered “Sounds”. I’d never heard of them, but Betty Page (the lovely Beverly Glick, Queen of all things ‘New Romantic’) gave me the lowdown on the band as we travelled up to the Midlands together; she rated them highly.

 Apart from John Taylor in his black leather trousers and a frilly white shirt, they looked pretty ordinary. Their first single was yet to be released, but Simon and Nick talked earnestly about their plans for world domination as they all posed expertly in the club’s empty restaurant.


 Over the years, I was able to document their rise to fame on so many occasions. From a night in Paris with a horde of ’Durannies’ at Franklin Roosevelt Hotel to another in London’s Air Studios as they recorded the ‘Rio’ album and then yet another for Top Of The Pops with a performance of ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ in Shepherd’s Bush for the BBC cameras.


 I became ever more familiar with the band when the Japanese magazine “Music Life” commissioned me to cover Duran Duran’s first nationwide tour of the UK. I vividly remember arriving at the first venue in Brighton when they were swamped by screaming fans. It was a sign of things to come as their popularity spread around the world and mass hysteria seemed to follow them everywhere.”


Colin Thurston
Air Studios,Oxford Circus





For me, early Duran Duran meant reading about an exciting new scene based around the Rumrunner Club in Birmingham and The Wag in London. I had matured from reading Smash Hits, to reading The Face. I absolutely loved The Face. I used to get Smash Hits every fortnight and when they started talking about a more mature version of the magazine called The Face that would be getting published soon, I couldn’t wait.

I used to walk across the village green in Frimley Green, where I grew up and go to Fennels newsagents. I walked across excitedly the day the first issue of The Face was due out, got home and read it from cover to cover. I thought it was absolutely amazing.

The Face used to write about Spandau Ballet from London who played and frequented The Wag and played a gig on HMS Belfast. They all went clubbing. In Birmingham they went to the Rumrunner Club which was frequented by Duran Duran.

I bought the 7″ of ‘Planet Earth‘ when it came out and loved it. I wore striped trousers, baggy on the leg, tapered in, with little turn ups, at the ankle. I had bleached my hair. I threw a ‘Poseur’s Party’ at my house (I don’t think the scene was even called ‘New Romantics’ yet?). Anyway, I made hand drawn, photo copied little invitations. It was a great party. My Mum and Dad enjoying the spectacle, and making cups of tea for tipsy teenagers in the kitchen.

Anyway. Back to these photos. I love them. Thanks Justin.

Kings of the Dark Moon: Duran Duran 1981/83′ is limited to 250 copies so I’d get on the case pretty quick if I were you. 

Visit for more details.




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  1. Ah!!…The Wag, the wonderful Wag-The Ace of Clubs! i managed my ex-wife’s band, Moontwist……(check out “Sight and Sound” on Youtube, still sounds fab 35 yrs on). After they played a gig there i never had to pay or queue, just ushered in like royalty. “I know you got soul” by Bobby Byrd, the 1st of millions of brilliant choons i danced the night away too. Remind me to send you a group photo of all The Wag DJ’s at The Café de Paris on its 10th Anniversary I also LOVED The Face….still got the early issues. Diolch yn fawr Jo xx


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