The Police and Squeeze – Lewisham Odeon 22.12.1979

I found several slightly tattered A4 sheets of paper in a box in the attic a few years ago.


I wrote down all the gigs I went to, from my first in 1979 to 1990 when I stopped writing them down.

So, this first list starts in December 1979 when I had just turned 14. My first ever gig was The Police and Squeeze at the Lewisham Odeon in South East London. This was a Capital Radio ‘Tickets For Toys’ concert. My cousin (who is three years older than me), went up to London and managed to get the tickets by giving in toys for Help A London Child. Yes, that is B.A. Robertson in second place. I thought ’Bang Bang’ was wonderful, but I’ll spare you from watching the video. Instead, I’ll start with Squeeze, who it looks like, were officially the first band I ever saw live. I seem to  remember it was Jools Holland’s last gig.


I loved Squeeze. I still have loads of coloured vinyl 7″ singles by them. Including ‘Cool For Cats’, from 1979 in pink. I started a Record Club at my school, St. Tarcicius in Camberley, Surrey. I organised it that we were allowed to bring singles in, to play on the school’s record player on Friday lunch times. ‘Cool For Cats’ was a favourite with me…(along with ‘The Diary of Horace Wimp’ by E.L.O.). The Record Club was short lived as it got banned after I was off ill one week and the boys in my class ran it without me. They were all found dancing on the desks and singing along to the Tom Robinson BandSing If You’re Glad To Be Gay’ at the top of their voices by a horrified teacher (it was a Catholic middle school and the teacher was Sister Bartholomew). I think they thought they were being punk. Possibly a few of them were in fact gay and glad about it. Anyway, that was the end of the Record Club.

The first band I ever saw live……Squeeze.

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    1. Claire Brinkley

      Me too. Bunked off school and nearly got squashed alive trying go get the tickets. Made it in and lost my mate who had the toys and a kind person handed me theirs. I refused to take a coat to the gig and froze in my stripy Sting top. Happy happy days x

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