The Members Guildford Civic Hall 3:7:1980

Carrying on with my handwritten gig list…

Camberley had a proper band in the charts at this time. The Members were even on ‘Top of the Pops’, singing ’Sound of the Suburbs’ and ’Off Shore Banking Business’. My family had all gone to schools with various members of the Carroll family – my sister had been in the guitarist, J.C.’s class.

They had played at the Civic Hall in Camberley and a few of my class mates and family had gone. I was too young, boo hoo, so missed out. They played the larger Civic Hall in Guildford a year or so later and I was lucky enough to go to that.

Dom ‘Rudy’ Carroll, the guitarist in our early C-86 bands, Go! Service and Bluetrain and later, The Yellow Moon Band was J.C.’s youngest brother. I remember him, aged about 12 on the steps at the back of the Civic Hall, before the gig, making J.C. laugh as he played The Members songs on J.C.’s electric guitar, unplugged. The gig was very exciting and packed. I went as far to the front as I could. I remember one guy kept shouting to J.C. ‘dedicate the next song to Merton and the Tube Disasters!’. He did’t, he just looked a bit confused every time the bloke shouted it.

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