Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Reading Top Rank 5.11.1980

Handwritten gig list 1979 – 1983

I saw O.M.D. at The Top Rank Suite in Reading on 5th November 1980 when I was 14. There were a few Top Ranks across in England, with one also in Cardiff, the Reading one was demolished in 2015.

I went to see O.M.D. with a boy friend who was a fan. I had the 7″ of ‘Enola Gay’ which I loved, but that’s all I had heard by them. (I used to dance to it in my bedroom in the style of Andy McCluskey.)

O.M.D. played ‘Electricity’ in their set and then again as their encore – I hadn’t heard the song before and was thrilled by it.

This was their set list:


Pretending to See the Future





Julia’s Song

Motion & Heart

The More I See You



The Misunderstanding


Red Frame White Light


Bunker Soldiers

Enola Gay

This advert is from a few days earlier on the tour.

November 80-Aylesbury flyer

Fatal Charm supported.

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