Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Reading Top Rank 5.11.1980

Handwritten gig list 1979 – 1983

I saw O.M.D. at The Top Rank Suite in Reading in November 1980 when I was 14. There were a few Top Ranks across in England, with one also in Cardiff, the Reading one was demolished in 2015. (Althea and Donna’s 1977 hit ‘Uptown Top Ranking‘ is a reference to these  nightclubs)

I went to see O.M.D. with a boy friend who was a fan. I had the 7″ of ‘Enola Gay’ which I loved, but that’s all I had heard by them. (I used to dance to it in my bedroom in the style of Andy McCluskey.)


As I recall O.M.D. played ‘Electricity’ in their set and then again as their encore – I hadn’t heard the song before and was thrilled by it.

When writing this, I found a great site, listing all of O.M.D.’s gigs and setlist. From it, Learned that these are the songs I heard that night!


Pretending to See the Future





Julia’s Song

Motion & Heart

The More I See You



The Misunderstanding


Red Frame White Light


Bunker Soldiers

Enola Gay

That site doesn’t have any scanned tickets or posters from the gig I saw, but they did have this from a few days earlier.

November 80-Aylesbury flyer

Fatal Charm supported on the whole tour….

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