Photographs Of Dr Calum Bartlett: 1970 – Barra, The Outer Hebrides.

I previously posted my father’s photographs of Barra from 1969 (and a little background story). This series will continue to 1976.

1970 looks like it was an absolutely fantastic summer. My Northern Irish cousins, Aunties and Uncles were there. So too were my Dad’s cousins’ Aunt Eileen and Dolina. It also involved a boat trip to Mingulay, which I’ll post separately.

Here’s a family picnic at one of the many glorious beaches on BarraTangusdale. My Mum sitting in-between two of her sisters, Sheila and Josephine.

img 269, Sept 1970Sep 1970 img 139

My Uncle Dougie enjoying a quiet moment, sitting next to the Irish Ritchie sisters!

Sept 1970 img 200img 449 Sep 1970Sept 1970 img 104Sept 1970 img 117Sept 1970 img 224Sept 1970 West Coast Barra img 106

One of my favourite photos. Myself, my brother Tom and our Mum.


img 316 Barra Beach Sept 1970

The rocks on the right form the face of Queen Victoria…..!

img 318 Queen Vic Sep 1970


Sept 1970 img 126Sept 1970 img 125

This is one of the cottages my Dad had renovated to become Hebridean Cottage Holidays. This is at Leanish. I don’t know if it’s ready to be lived in yet. My brother Michael says he remembers working on it in Easter 1969. That’s all of my siblings but no me I think, looking ready for some sort of adventure!

Sept 1970 img 101Sept 1970 img 237

My cousin Dolina.

Sept 1970 Dolina img 193

Dolina and her mother, my Dad’s cousin, Aunt Eileen.

Sept 1970 Eileen and Dolina img 186Sept 1970 img 182

Me, my brother Sam, sister Catriona and cousin Paula on a trip to one of the small islands off Barra – Eriskay.

Sept 1970 img 219


Sept 1970 img 177

My mother’s sisters Josephine and Sheila.

Sept 1970 img 204

This house is Taigh a’Ghobha just outside Balivanich in Benbecula and the old ladies are cousins – Efife Macmillan and her sister Joanne. This was the first house my Dad stayed in in the Hebrides and both he and my Auntie Catriona cited being carried to the door in a howling gale as their earliest memories!

Sept 1970 Josephine, Eileen MacMillan sisters, Taigh A'ghobhaimg 169

This is another of my Dad’s cottages – Ault at Ersary.

img 403 Sep 1970img 407 Ault Sept 1970img 439 Sep 1970img 441 Sep 1970Sept 1970 img 143Sept 1970 img 217

This rock will forever be known as ‘Dolina’s Rock‘ after she used to sit and play guitar on it. My brother Tom and myself would love sitting there with her, listening and joining in!

Sept 1970 img 228Sept 1970 img 105

Uncles Bill and Dougie, my mother’s brothers-in-law.

Sept 1970 img 229

To see the photos from 1969 click here

To see Mingulay 1970 click here


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