Photographs of Dr Calum Bartlett: 1971 – Barra, Mingulay, Hellisay & Gighay

After my father’s photos of Barra in 1969 and 1970 and Mingulay, also 1970 we move on to 1971.

My Dad had a boat now and we took regular trips to the islands that surround Barra. Here are my brothers Calum-Iain and Sam rowing the boat – it did have an engine, but if (when) the engine broke down a slow row home was needed. I don’t know if that’s why they are at the oars in this photo or not…they look pretty happy which makes me think the engine is fine just not in use!

Sam, CI, Aug 1971 BB img 109

Here we are on the islands of Hellisay and Gighay.  Tom has his yellow life jacket on as he points his toy gun. That’s me with the blonde hair.

img 304 Blue Lagoon, between Hellisay and Gighay, Aug 1971img 312 Hel & Gi, 1971

As in 1970,  a trip to Mingulay, this time just ourselves in my Dad’s boat. Here’s my brother Sam.

img 291Mingulay Aug 1971, Helisay Gihayimg 300 Mingulay Aug 1971img 315 Aug 1971

I love this photo, I’m not sure who the lone figure is, one of my brothers anyway.

img 323 Aug 1971

Back on Barra. Sam had his friend Pete Neame stay with us on this holiday.

Aug 1971 img 100

My brother Michael and our cousin Norman.

Aug 1971 img 102Aug 1971 img 103

Our red mini-bus parked up at the beach. That’s how so many of us could travel up to Barra. Mum, in the yellow sweater trying to read while we play all around her.

Aug 1971 img 148

img 417 Aug 1971img 415 Aug 1971img 446 Sunrise Aug 1971

Aug 1971 img 233Aug 1971 img 113

This was one of the Hebridean Cottage Holidays cottages at Brevig, with the highest peak on Barra, Heaval, behind.

img 388 Brevig, August 1971

And this one on the right at Leanish.

img 392 Leawish Cottage, August 1971

Here’s Harbour Cottage at Earsary (or Ault as we always call it). This is the cottage we stayed at in 1971.

img 386 Ault August 1971

There were so many of us that we used my Dad’s old army bell-tent for the boys to sleep in! The roofless cottage on the other side of the bay has since been done up and is now called South Bank. These are now the only two cottages still owned and available to rent by Hebridean Cottage Holidays, set up by Dad, these days run by my brother Tom.

img 406 Aug 1971

This old croft still had a roof a little entrance way in 1971. These days it is just four walls. Family friend, James MacCrae found and old Gaelic bible in this house.

img 409 Thatched House, Agust 1971

A walk up the river Ault, the cottage getting smaller all the time….

img 411 Harbour Cottage, August 1971

img 410 Harbour Cottage, Ault, August 1971

img 429 Looking to Harbour Cottage from Hills, Aug 1971

August 1971 BA img 114

My Dad, he obviously entrusted Calum Iain with the camera.

img 395 August 1971

It was Dad’s birthday whenever we were on Barra. Someone had given him this little outfit to dress up his whisky bottle. He rested it on the boat engine for a photo shoot!

img 404 Aug 1971

Sept 1971 img 236

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  1. Love these photos and recognise Harbour Cottage. An amazing place to stay. I always feel so relaxed on Barra and there is nothing like a day on one of the wonderful beaches.x


  2. Loving the photos. Thank you for sharing them as it is great to see the place as it was when i was young and growing up in Leanish, I was one of the Douglas family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Christine, Lovely to hear from you. I remember Willie and Lachlan very well! Playing over at Skallary with Sheila and Alastair. Thanks for leaving the message, my Dad would have been chuffed to bits with how well these photos are going down. X


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