Photographs of Dr. Calum Bartlett: 1969 – Barra Pt.2

I posted a batch of my Dad’s wonderful pictures from 1969 to 1971 recently, but knew I also had quite a few with no dates on them still to go through. I realised I ought to go through these and try and work out the years before continuing. So, it took a while – working out who’s wearing the same clothes, same length hair, which aunties and uncles were also in the pictures to get this second lot into the correct years. I also posted a few on some Barra Facebook pages – thanks to anyone who helped! I’ll put parts 2 from 1969 – 1971 over the next few weeks before returning to the original task of heading on towards 1976. There are even a few from 1979.

So here we go, 1969 part 2 – I hope you enjoy these!

Here’s one of my favourite pictures of myself, taken by Dad on Vatersay. I remember not being keen on the long walk, but all these years later, I’m glad he pushed me on!

1969 910


img 443

My family, with me on top of Mum! My brother Sam is missing from this photo – I’m guessing he took it.

1969 21969c

My brother Michael.


My four brothers, Michael, Sam, Calum-Iain and Tom, half way up Heaval, a great shot of Kisimul Castle below.


This time my sister Catriona is missing, I’m guessing she’s the one on camera duty here.


Inside Kisimul Castle.

img 421 Castle

MacNeil of Barra himself.

img 431 MacNeil of B in Castle Yardimg 432 Castlebay from Kisimul Castleimg 440 1969



On this walk, Dad wanted me to walk too far. I lay down and refused to go any further!



  1. Lovely photo’s, what wonderful memories you have! The one where you are lying down tickled me as one of my daughters would do that if we walked too far!

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