Photographs of Dr. Calum Bartlett: Barra, The Outer Hebrides, 1974

There are no photos from 1973. We think that was the year Dad’s camera got ruined when he took it out in the boat and it got covered in sea water.

These photos are from May 1974 – as a family we always went on holiday to Barra in August, but this is the year Dad and Jock Andrews did up the small, South Bank Cottage at Earsary.

Here it is, bought as just four walls, an old croft and made habitable by Dad and Jock. This is still available to rent from my brother who now looks after Hebridean Cottage Holidays, originally set up by Dad and Gerrard Campbell in 1969


img 398

Here’s Jock outside the cottage.

img 400 Ault 2, June 1974

The larger, Harbour Cottage, just opposite South Bank Cottage in Earsary. Also still available to rent!

img 399 Ault, Jue 1974

The bay in-between the two cottages.

img 437 June 1974

img 448 June 1974

Dad among the primroses – he loved this time of year on Bara and took Mum, myself and my brother Tom back in May the following year to see the flowers.

img 018


img 034


img 413 June 1974img 414 Primrose Eoligarry, Jun 1974

Originally called the Isle of Barra Hotel – this must be the year or close to, that it opened. We used to call it ‘the I.O.B.’ now I see it has had a fabulous refurb and is called The Isle Of Barra Beach Hotel. It is just up from one of Barra’s many beautiful beaches, Tangasdale.

img 450 IOB 1974

I think this fantastic, large house was in Eoligarry in Barra. No longer there I’m afraid.

img 426 Eoligarry House, Once summer Residence of MacN. Jock. June 1974


img 317 Vatersay



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