New Music: John Grant ‘He’s Got His Mother’s Hips’

John Grant performing ‘He’s Got His Mother’s Hips’

Directed by Casey & Ewan

Animated by: Angela Stempel, Anna Mantzaris, Benjamin Portas, Casey Raymond, Cheng-Hsu Chung, Cossa, Ewan Jones-Morris, Gabriel Mangold, Gyuri Cloe Lee, Jimmy Screamerclauz, Kokofreakbean, Linyou Xie & Thu Tran

‘Always a delight to work with John. For this disco-tinged track we decided to get some of the hardest-partying animators we knew together for a right old knees-up, and this was the result.’ Casey

‘I just thought it was about time for another Peter Gabriel ‘Sledgehammer’ video and John was up for it. 13 animators in total, including us – unlucky for some… The highlight for me was 24 hours in in the cool drizzle of Iceland to meet up with John, at the height of the British heat wave.” Ewan

I was lucky enough to put John Grant on at Green Man, in, I think 2010. I love his music and live he is so fabulous.

Ewan and Casey the hugely talented video directors here also did The Yellow Moon Band‘s ‘Barehed’ video.

Watch this and wonder at all this talent!!



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