The Buzz Club: Andy White 18.10.1986

Andy White 18th October 1986

I saw Andy White perform ‘Religious Persuasion‘ on ‘Whistle Test’ in 1986 and knew he was to be our next Buzz Club booking. In fact, we mentioned it on the flier…



His debut album had just come out. Andy played ‘Religious Persuasion‘ on a roof in Belfast for BBC’s ‘Whistle Test‘, ‘Melody Maker‘ ran the headline, ‘Yer Man’s Brilliant’, and Andy went on the road with his acoustic guitar.
Support at the Buzz Club came from our friends New Tennessee Waltz and local band The Bridge.
Buzz Club regular, Philip ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson got in touch with me in August 2018 to say he had found loads of Buzz Club photos and live recordings at the bottom of his garden shed.
Here are a couple of photos plus live recordings of ‘Religious Persuasion’ and ‘Reality Row‘ from that night:

andy white 181086 01

andy white 181086 02

Plus an autographed postcard ‘Rave on Hutch’! – 

The next Buzz Club, was a local band night on 15th November 1986

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