Teardrop Explodes – Previously Unseen Photos London 1980

Once again I am treated to some wonderous photos courtesy of Mr Justin Thomas. I loved The Teardrop Explodes. Julian Cope is one of life’s true mavericks. I remember reading about them in ‘Smash Hits’ along with another Liverpool band, Echo and the Bunnymen, desperate to hear them!

Here are Justin’s memories of that night at the YMCA in 1980.

‘I remember there was a LOT of dry ice & minimal stage lighting, which i found frustrating, which is why most of them are flashed

It was the same when The Bunnymen played there!

I think there must have been a lot dust in my bathroom the day i developed these 2 rolls coz the amount of dust & scratches on the negs was unbelievable.

Probably the reason they never got used back in the day coz they were unprintable

A good scanner & lots of photoshopping can work wonders Jo!!

These were previously unseen

Hope your blog readers get taken back to some happy times’



The Teardrop Explodes – Y Studio, YMCA, London, 30th May 1980

Track List:-

01 – Read It In Books
02 – Brave Boys Keep Their Promises
03 – Sleeping Gas
04 – When I Dream
05 – Treason
06 – Thief Of Baghdad
07 – Ha Ha I’m Drowning
08 – Camera Camera
09 – Second Head
10 – Poppies In The Field
11 – Went Crazy
12 – Bouncing Babies
13 – Save Me
14 – Treason
15 – Sleeping Gas






And then of course this one made them massive –

Thanks Justin! X

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