The Buzz Club: 8th Feb. 1988 – Local Bands – Jim Jiminee etc

I’m being as detailed as I can when listing all the Buzz Clubs, so this local band night in February 1988 gets a mention although all I have is the list of who played plus one black and white photo. I can’t remember much about most of these bands but Jim Jiminee were something of local heroes as they had been played by Simon Bates on Radio 1!

February 1988

local band night:

Sometimes Sartre


Jim Jiminee (bar)

The Roaringly Splendids

A Month of Sundays

Jim Jiminee played in the bar, which meant you could see them even if you didn’t have a ticket to go through to the main hall. That’s me to the side of the stage with a bottle of beer at my lips!

From Fleet, Jim Jiminee and their ‘hit’ ‘Do It On Thursday’

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