The Buzz Club: The Wolfhounds 5th March 1988 inc. live recordings and fight!

The Wolfhounds were on the NME C86 tape and a perfect band for the Buzz Club.

We did ok as I recall, the usual amount through the door for a band like this – just over 100. As would often be the way though, when the headline band were actually on stage, Danny and I would be upstairs in the office with Jem Barnes, the manager of the West End Centre, sorting though the finances. Door take, money for the bands, money back to us we had spent on posters and fliers, then split what was left between the venue and ourselves. On a night like this we would probably walk away with about £50.

I went downstairs not long after the last sounds of guitars and cheers had finished and the crowd were shuffling out, money in envelopes for the various bands. Looking for the singers or band members to pay them. I saw Dave Callahan from The Wolfhounds and went up to him with my usual, ‘Great gig’. ‘What?!’ he replied, giving me a very odd look. ‘Didn’t you see the fight?’. This was a life lesson to me. Never congratulate a band on their gig if you didn’t actually see it…

Luckily for the purposes of indie history, our man Dave Driscoll (AKA Fruitier Than Thou) was on hand to not only record the gig but also to pass on to us what actually happened that night. Here’s ‘Anti Midas Touch‘ recorded early on in the set, before things got nasty. Below we have Dave’s account of the evening plus a recording, including the fight – it happens at about 1:20.

Who said there c86 bands were twee?

WOLFHOUNDS/WHIRL Buzz Club FIGHT CLUB I can only give my side of what happened at the end. There were 2 incidents at the same time… which is why it did look like a bar fight in a western at one point…….It was a shame because WHIRL & THE WOLFHOUNDS in particular were absolutely brilliant.. Abridged version… A few songs in a number of skinheads, no boots & braces just the haircuts.. I never saw them previously or afterwards at any gigs.. Brushed passed us… One of them turned for half a dozen songs just chirping at me, I could hear what he is saying, but I suspect that it wasn’t complimentary, I just have a face that people want to punch… If you listen carefully, you can hear Mikey (Weare) say “Cheer up Dave it may never happen” to which my reply was “I think its gonna happen”… I went to the loo, thinking maybe the gobbo & his mates would follow me… So I was having a pee with my head constantly checking over my shoulder… Nothing happened… I went back into the hall, Gobbo & his mates were gone… I thought great… Then halfway through “LA Juice” they all came back flying pass me, knocking me to the left… As they rushed forward Gobbo thumped a lass that was in front of me, as I regained my balance I went after him & took a swing but he ducked I caught him in the ear rather than his chin I was aiming for… However, it did knock him over, as he went down some other lad jumped on him & started beating the crap out of him… If you listen at the end of the tape you can hear Harris shouting “get off him you’ll get the place closed down…” Two of gobbo’s mates got to the front & started on an indie kid who would have made Stephen Pastel look positively musclebound.. That’s when Callahan jumped in off the stage & probably saved that lad some serious injury… The bastards all ran out.. & that was the end of the gig…. I know you & Danny were in blissful ignorance at the time… It was strange because West End Centre gigs could always be a bit leary & vocal at times in the 1980’s & performers had to have a bit of metal about them to deal with it but I can’t remember punch ups… Whereas Reading at the same time at say; The Caribbean Club, After Dark, The Majestic there were always time outs for punch ups when the pubs closed at 11 & the clubs filled with the delights of an additional hour of drinking… A shame.. Like I said, to that point THE WOLFHOUNDS were astoundingly good….. Dave…x

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