Jo Bartlett ‘Our Reward’ video

A couple of years ago, my sister bought a dvd of the Frimley Green Carnival 1977 – 1985, originally filmed on a Super 8 camera. I watched it and saw to my delight, brief footage of three of my brothers, but also lots of my Mum. She ran the local nursery school from the house where we lived and was the coach for the Nursery United football team! They used to play a match on the village green every summer.

I got it transferred onto mp4 last week and edited down 2 1/2 hours into 4 minutes. I also got permission from the Frimley Green Carnival to use if for my music. Thank you so much!

I had such a great time making this, I really hope you enjoy it.

It starts with my brother Sam, raising the Union Jack on the roof of our house for the 1977 carnival. I watched him from the roof, half way up on the other side of the house and thought, ‘he’s going to fall’.

I wrote and recorded the song a couple of weeks ago, my first synth tune! Feel free to download or share it. (That’s me and my best friend Steven outside my house, aka the local nursery school, on the cover.)

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