The Buzz Club: The Charlatans January 1990

(Read more about 1990 here)

At Mayking Records, Danny was the production planner for a 12″ called ‘Indian Rope‘ by a band called The Charlatans. We were playing it at home, before it was released, and loving it. I called their agent, Alex Nightingale (Annie’s son) and booked them to be the first Buzz Club of the new decade. I had read The Stone Roses were fans, so put that on the posters.

I gave the support slot to our friends, from Fleet, Vinegar Blossom. This is Dave, the man responsible for so many live Buzz Club recordings, including The Charlatans.

Gary and Paul, Vinegar Blossom.
When Tim Burgess saw this photo on social media recently, he said ‘what a lot of denim’.
Jon Baker

Recorded live at The Buzz Club, ‘The Only One I Know’

The venue was packed, our usual indie kids were now wearing flares and had longer hair – how had this happen in a few months?! It was Vinegar Blossom‘s second ever gig. Paul, Gary and Dave from the band had gone to see The Stone Roses at the Ally Pally with Danny and I a couple of months before. They were nervous going on stage and you could feel it for the first couple of songs. Then, with the crowd behind them, they hit a groove and stayed on it for the rest of their set. Paul was in flares, singing, no guitar, then Dave and Gary each on guitar with bass and drums. They had swagger and were very current. Back slapping and congratulations as they came off stage laughing, relieved. The band had asked Danny to manage them earlier on in the evening, so we were all in a celebratory mood anyway!

The Charlatans then came on and blew the roof off. A really fantastic night. Red faces, now stretched long sleeved tee shirts, beaming from the crowd. Dancing. It hadn’t quite sold out but was very close.

The Charlatans had really enjoyed the Vinegar Blossom set and asked if they would support them on a few dates they had coming up later in the year. All in all a fabulous night.

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