The Buzz Club: (Not) Flowered Up – June 1990

(Read more about 1990 here)

In my lunch hour, I made a call to the to printers check the posters were ready – they were. Then as soon as I got back to the office, my phone rang – it was their agent to say Flowered Up were cancelling the gig. Oh No! 

I’ve actually been pretty lucky over the years with the lack of cancellations I’ve had. It’s part of the game, you just have to sort it out, even though it’s really annoying. Alex Nightingale recommended a band from Brighton called Eusebio, so we booked them.

We got ‘Eusebio’ printed and stuck it over ‘Flowered Up’ on the posters – I kept an original one for posterity though.

I quickly made some fliers to distribute.

We had to work pretty hard to get a crowd along to see a band no-one had heard of with only a couple of weeks before the gig. It was ok though, we had about 75 people in. Vinegar Blossom played and Here Comes Jordan used it as a warm up before we headed off to Singapore the following week.

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