The Buzz Club: The Moonflowers December 1990

1st December The Buzz Club The Moonflowers / Credit To The Nation

Crazy band from Bristol who nearly set the venue on fire with their insane stage antics! They had just released the brilliant ‘Get Higher’ on Heavenly Records. (A regular tune at the Yellow Book Club.)

Here’s a mad video that sums them up perfectly.

All I have is this photo from this particular Buzz Club

I was told recently that support came from Birmingham hip hop group, Credit To The Nation. It would have been a very early gig for them. They had a hit in 1992 with ‘Call It What You Want’.

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  1. I still have my Go Service and Bluetrain 12inchers.
    I helped out with you and Danny before 1990 at the West End.
    Then I left for Bristol and then New York City and early 90’s Seattle.
    Simon peach is my name.
    I took tickets.
    Made sandwiches for Shawn fucking Ryder.
    Was there when Ivor Cutler bitched about smoking.
    The guy that hooked up the Desert Wolves for the June Brides gig.
    Please tell me you have recordings of that night?
    I live in the far Pacific Northwest now and I’m about to recreate the venue model from Aldershot.
    Hoping you are well and still playing beautiful guitar and singing so very, very well.
    I’m now making some interesting electronica.
    On the you tube under Simon Peach and/or Conductor 71.
    Needing a label.
    Much love.


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