The Buzz Club: Milk / Thule March 1991

On March 9 it was back down to Aldershot as we had a ‘noise special’ at the Buzz Club. Roger from the Camden Falcon managed Milk, they were actually on his Eve label, so we booked them. It was billed as a ‘noise special’ and it was certainly a lot noisier than most of our Buzz Clubs!

Slug were a local band, from Windlesham, and first on.

Thule followed – signed to Wiiija Records.

Milk were part of the Camden ‘lurch’ scene. Bands like Swervedriver were also part of that scene.

We had under 100 people in but the costs were low, so left with about £50.

The gig actually got previewed in ‘The Camberley News’, ‘Buzz Club organiser Jo Bartlett describes them as grunge metal’!

Read more about 1991 here

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