‘And I Loved You’ Jo Bartlett out today!

My new single is out today!

I made this video last week, some of it is as much accident as design but I’m very happy with it!

Featuring Kevin Moorey on drums and Danny Hagan on bass, including me, that makes 3/4 of Bluetrain! I played guitar and synths.

From ‘The Cut Up’ along with this track ‘Greener’ featuring some really great quotes from various cool folk.The film is some Super 8 footage I found recently of me and my brothers running around – I’m in the yellow jumper!

Here’s the full album on Spotify

and here it is on Bandcamp

I’m trying to get my monthly listens up on Spotify so if you enjoy what you hear, I’d be very grateful if you can let people know and share the link – thanks!

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