Photographs of Dr. Calum Bartlett: 1970 – Barra pt 2

More of my Dad’s wonderful pictures of my family on holiday on Barra in 1970. You can see pt. 1 of 1970 by clicking here.

Here’s me, on what will always be known as ‘Dolina’s Rock‘ to us all. The rock where my cousin Dolina would sit and play guitar and sing. This is just outside the cottage at Ault / Ersary.

1970 8

This cottage in fact.


My brother Tom, tide out at Ault.

1970littletom19691970 7

My mother’s sisters Sheila and Josephine, with Sheila’s husband, Uncle Bill.

Sept 1974 img 176

Auntie Sheila and Dad’s cousin, Aunt Eileen, dancing!

img 196119701970o

Anyone who knew my Mum would know she hated the sea. That fact makes this picture pretty funny. Mum at the helm of our boat.


The plane just landed on the beach. Our grandfather, Dr. Samuel Bartlett first had the idea to land planes here. It is still the island’s airport and I think the only airport to have it’s timetable dictated by the tide!

img 430 Airport

My Dad, Uncle Dougie (Josephine’s husband), myself and a few of my brothers.


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