Photographs of Dr. Calum Bartlett, Barra, The Outer Hebrides, 1976

We had a lot if fun with the boat that year. Aquaplaning and attempting to waterski. No mean feat in the icy-cold Hebridean sea.

Here we are on one of the gorgeous Vatersay beaches.

img 075

Just outside the bay at Earsary, near Harbour Cottage.

img 077

Me and my friend, Sheila. I think that’s my brother Calum Iain at the controls.

img 078


img 080

The evening view from Harbour Cottage, one of the best in the world I reckon.

img 081

We also had a little boat that we were allowed to row around the small bay. It was absolutely brilliant fun. Pulling in at the little islands, playing in the rock pools. Just rowing round and round.

img 093

The inside of Harbour Cottage. This is how I will always remember it. A half-finished bottle of Irn Bru and my Dad’s practice chanter on the kitchen table.

img 387

One of my all time favourite photos. My Mum, my brother Tom and myself. I love her blue jacket and yellow chords.


A trip to Sandray.

img 302 Landing in Sandray, Oct 1976another1976img 292 Mingulary, Oct 1976img 309 Oct 1976img 320 SandraySept 1976 Sandray img 216

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