Live Review: Everyone You Know, The Courtyard, London 14.4.2019

I’ve been on about these guys for a while now – I love them.

I think this is pretty much perfection.

A  couple of nights ago I went to see them at The Courtyard, just off Hoxton Square in East London, with my 19 year old son, Spike.

The first warm night of the year, the Thursday night before the Easter long weekend, the atmosphere was great before we got even got to the venue. Up from Liverpool Street station, hundreds of city workers outside drinking. A massive buzz of voices.

Across Hoxton Square, full too with drinkers and voices. The venue itself, small and arty, battered cool. The bar was too full to get a drink so we went through to the hall.

Rhys Kirkby-Cox and Harvey Kirkby are half brothers and are Everyone You Know.

Harvey was already on stage playing tunes when we went through. The small room was dark and there was already a great vibe. I’d say the sold out crowd was probably 200.

After about fifteen minutes, while plays the intro to Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ on loop, he’s joined by a female drummer and his brother Rhys who thanks us all for coming…. and we’re off.

The crowd was made up of young very short haired men, wearing tracksuit tops, sunglasses, Fila, Adidas, Rebok. Cool girls with long bleached hair wearing round Janice Joplin sunglasses and tracksuit tops.

Everyone knows all the words and sings along and dances, the atmosphere is joyful with a little bit of edge.

These clips put it better than me….just wait for the chorus on ‘Sinners‘.

The crowd singing along to all the words on ‘Our Generation’ is amazing.

It was a pretty short set. Most tunes are harder than ‘Our Generation’, they cite The Prodigy as an influence and you can hear it tonight and on their ‘Cheer Up Charlie’ e.p.. They played the last two tunes again – everyone, including myself was only too pleased to hear them  – these two, ‘Sinners’ and ‘Our Generation’.

After the set, they were joined by their Dad on stage and the three hugged.

A hot sweaty celebratory night and a wonderful way to start the bank holiday.

Thanks to Spike Hagan for the photo and videos.


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