The Fall: Interview and photos 1983 previously unseen.

I previously posted photos of The Smiths from 1983 / 4 taken by my old primary school friend, Guy Van Steene . Guy has unearthed some absolute gems, taken between 1983 and 1990.

Here is the next in the series. The Fall from Surrey University in Guildford on 15 October 1983, not just live photos, but photos taken before the gig, back stage, of an interview Guy and his friends John Andrews and Matt Seibert were doing for their ‘Obsession’ fanzine.

Guy says;

‘The Fall interview Guildford University 15.10.83 was another great time engineered probably by Matt who with John was putting together a fanzine called “Obsession”.  My role was to contribute the photos. Incredibly enough I still have my copy of the fanzine and so was able to provide the interview from that day. Not sure how we all got there but as John recalls his “memories are of sitting backstage in conversation with Mark E. Smith and Brix. Alan Pelay looked after us and the interview was verbatim”.

I had totally forgotten that ‘Lana’ Pelay was there and was part of The Fall entourage.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of him/her.  There was a lot of space in the room where we did the interview set up with chairs and tables.  The tape recorder was placed on the table, all high tech stuff …lol, record (and play) was pressed and the interview ensued.

Amazing really that Mark and Brix were happy to just sit with us, answer questions and be photographed.  But we were not fazed by being in this situation one bit and it all seemed very normal.  Matt remembers Brix’s response to a question about whether Morrissey was gay or not and she answered in her American drawl “totally gay, my God”.   After the interview we bumped into a few friends who had been at school and were now at 6th form with us (Mark Payne and Liam Helm) and also Dominic Mills.  Matt remembers a couple of stand out numbers from the Serious Drinking gig “Love on the terraces” and “Bobby Moore is innocent”.

The interview:


The fanzine:


John and Matt.

gvs47 copy


The gig – support Serious Drinking


The Fall


Thanks very much Guy, John and Matt for letting me share these.


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