Kodiak Island: Complete ‘Lime’ e.p.

Kodiak Island are:

Me – vocals and acoustic guitar a little bit of synth

Richard – Electric guitar, bvs & flute

Mike – Bass

Matthew – synth

Gareth – cajon, percussion and programmed beats

We started to work on the ‘Lime’ e.p. in January of this year. Writing and rehearsing at my place, recording at Richard’s (and mine). Richard engineers and mixes.

Meanwhile, Jason Applin at Musical Bear started working on artwork ideas.


We released the first track from the e.p., ‘Sugar Song’ on 3 May.


Jason made this wonderful video:

We followed up ‘Sugar Song’ with the rest of the‘ Lime’ e.p. on 24 May 2019.

From it, ‘And I Loved You’. Video, once again made by Jason Applin.

Here is the complete e.p., including a cover of ‘Wuthering Heights’ and an instrumental, ‘Sawdust and Glitter’ – I hope you enjoy these tracks.

We have a limited run of 100 physical ‘Lime’ cds via our Bandcamp page.




We are playing over the summer:

2 June – The Cabin, Camberley

22 June – Camberley Carnival

20 July – ITTLG Party

21 July – announcing soon

4 August – Frimley Lodge Live

More being added….


The ‘Lime’ joins the ‘Orange’ and ‘Lemon’ e.p.s

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