Go! Service unearthed live footage Germany 1984

The wonderful thing about social media is that you can get a message on a Saturday morning from someone you’ve never met, letting you know that they have some live footage of the band you were in when you were 18 years old and on tour in Germany with the Television Personalities.


So that’s how my day started with @TrvisBckle63 dropping me a line. I’m thrilled!

I was 18 and it had been guitarist Rudy‘s 17th birthday the day before, we were on tour and having the time of our lives. The two songs below are ‘Too Much To Hide‘ and Rudy singing,  ‘Pick Up The Beat‘. I refer to the first song as, ‘the single’, that didn’t happen, instead we released ‘It Makes Me Realise‘ about six months later. We were on Dan Treacy‘s Dreamworld Records and lucky enough to be label mates with not only Dan’s band, the Television Personalities but also The Mighty Lemon Drops and 1,000 Violins. Dan invited us to support The TVPs on this European tour. German band Fenton Weills also played. (You can read more about and see lots of great early indie artwork on a more detailed post I wrote here.)


Anyway, here we go, filmed by local record shop owner Hans Kesteloo –

Go! Service live, 9th September 1984.

Out of interest, Jo, Danny and Rudy would later form the psychedelic rock project,  The Yellow Moon Band.


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