C – 86 Show inc. an interview with me!

I recently saw there was a Twitter account @C86Show and so tagged it in when I was writing about the Mighty Mighty Buzz Club show a couple of weeks ago. That resulted in David Eastaugh, the man behind the C86 show contacting me and asking if he could interview me. Obviously I was delighted and […]

The Buzz Club: BMX Bandits & The Househunters 14th Feb. 1987

“If I could be in any other band, it would be BMX Bandits” Kurt Cobain BMX Bandits were formed in 1985 by songwriter and lead vocalist Duglas T Stewart out of the ashes of The Pretty Flowers, a short-lived group that featured Duglas alongside Frances McKee (The Vaselines), Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons) and Norman […]

Live Review: Dan Treacy benefit gig 100 Club 8.11.2018

Last Thursday there was a benefit gig for Dan Treacy of The Television Personalities held at the 100 Club on Oxford Street. I couldn’t make it but Thomas Zimmermann, was there. I first met Thomas in 1984 when he promoted and  toured managed my band Go! Service supporting The T.V. Personalities round Europe. A few […]

The Buzz Club: The June Brides 24 May 1986 (inc. previously unseen photos)

The C-86 era was definitely upon us. The June Brides had first played The Buzz Club  the previous December and now this fledgling indie scene was gathering some momentum, with The June Brides somewhere at the centre. We happily booked them again. We very rarely had a headline band play twice – Primal Scream are another band that did. […]

Dan Treacy Benefit Gig.

I’ve written about Dan Treacy lots in this blog. My band Go! Service toured with his band the T.V. Personalities around Europe when I was 18 and he released 12″s by my bands Go! Service and Bluetrain on his Dreamworld Records label. Dan is the main man in the T.V. Personalities, who we had supported […]

Previously Unseen Photos of The Television Personalities 1984

Happy Saturday folks! This time the wonderful Mr Justin Thomas has sent me these fabulous previously unseen photos of The T.V. Personalities from 1984! Justin used to run the October Club, Upstairs at The Loughborough Arms in Brixton and this was one of the nights he promoted. The photos are basically just Dan Treacy and […]