The Buzz Club: The June Brides 24 May 1986 (inc. previously unseen photos)

The C-86 era was definitely upon us. The June Brides had first played The Buzz Club  the previous December and now this fledgling indie scene was gathering some momentum, with The June Brides somewhere at the centre. We happily booked them again. We very rarely had a headline band play twice – Primal Scream are another band that did.

My band Go! Service had supported The June Brides at Dan Treacy‘s Room at the Top club in Chalk Farm, North London and we’d taken a trip to see them in Brighton in Gary’s old Triumph Herald. We sat shivering on the stoney beach before heading over to see them play the Escape. We invited them back to The Buzz Club.

They had a new drummer and I seem to remember that the back drop behind the stage fell on his head mid -set. Sorry mate! He carried on but did look a little miffed (understandably so really).


Luckily, this is one of the gigs that Phillip ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson was at. We made contact again after many years in August 2018 and he searched for, found and sent me, loads of photos and recordings from the gigs he had been at.

First of all, his signed flier – it’s a different flier to the one I already had. I used to put four fliers on one sheet of A4 paper and then get it photocopied and cut, so there were always four designs for each gig!

Here are his photos of The June Brides from this gig – thanks Hutch!

JUNE BRIDES 240586 01
JUNE BRIDES 240586 02
JUNE BRIDES 240586 04
JUNE BRIDES 240586 05
JUNE BRIDES 240586 06

Jon Hunter on trumpet – Jon also played trumpet on ‘Parade’ by my band Bluetrain.

JUNE BRIDES 240586 07

We used to go to Guildford University on a Sunday night where they had cool free gigs in the students union. We got chatting to a guy who went there one night when my band Go! Service were playing. He handed us a demo by The Desert Wolves .

I liked it very much, so booked them for The Buzz Club.

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