The Buzz Club: Apple Mosaic November 1987

So here’s the confession – I was offered The Sugarcubes for this date, but said ‘no thanks’ as I wanted to book a band from Gloucester called Apple Mosaic. Ooops. Oh well, I loved ‘Honey If‘ by Apple Mosaic, a single released on Virgin and played to death by me at work in the record shop where I worked – Our Price in Aldershot,  and then again when I got home.

Ian Dench who wrote ‘Honey If’ later joined EMF to be their songwriter, which he did with some great success ‘Unbelievable‘ becoming an international hit single including reaching number 1 in America. He is still writing and these days is having even more success with Beyonce and many other global stars. From The Buzz Club to the Grammys. Yeah! Who needs The Sugarcubes?

I don’t have any fliers or even an exact date for this gig, but here is the wonderful ‘Honey If’.

The next Buzz Club was a local band night.

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